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The Ed-Tech Group

THE CRADLE TO COLLEGE PIPELINE: closing the digital divide



THE ED-TECH APP Enables Students, Parents, Youth Service Providers, and Schools to....

CONNECT : Simply download the ED-TECH App & register on iPhones,iPad, or Android phones for instant use. Parents & teachers connect on a private network that requires authorization before use.


INFORM : Parents check grades, review attendance and homework records, submit absentee letters, and stay current with events. Student records follow the family every time they move. Provide attendance alerts. Provide a secure and reliable means for schools and service providers to keep parents informed. Administrative staff can view message blogs.


INTERACT : Data-driven parent training and feedback workshops for youth service providers that serve the homeless creates a culture of shared responsibility for improving outcomes for all children.



The ED-TECH Group uses data captured from the ED-TECH APP to create a culture of shared responsibility for improving outcomes for children. We lead data-driven training sessions that engages families and agencies in collaboration. We are committed to reaching out to parents in salient ways to help them support each child's academic development as we bridge the digital divide for homeless families.


The ED-TECH Group has worked with HUD communities throughout the nation and discovered that many children on the leases in public housing are not enrolled at school. Our team identifies these children, and works with school districts to enroll them or to direct each child to a youth career path.


Survival becomes the only goal when the parents of homeless children have no place to live.  It's not whether the child gets up and goes to school, it's "just let me make sure I have a roof over my head".  Our mission is to help highly mobile parents receive "just in time" Parent Leader training that advances the improved academic performance for each child and bridges the digital divide.

Our parent training helps  parents visualize how well each child is performing, aligned to state standards.  Our team of professionals help parents minimize disruptions that interfere with learning. 

Our Parent Leader training includes:

  • How to more effectively communicate with teachers
  • How to relieve yo
  • Effective, nonviolent discipline techniques
  • Standards that guide student proficiency for each subject/grade
  • The power of encouragement
  • Strategies to support academic success
  • Successful communication skills

We believe that increased parental engagement supports improved student performance. 


We use innovative technology to support student success.  Our methodology  blends technology application and site-based data driven training  that  may be critical to leveling the educational playing field and closing the digital divide for homeless students and their families.