Dr. L'Tanya Sloan Simmons President/CEO


America's public schools are paving the way for a never ending cycle that feeds The SCHOOL-TO-PRISON PIPELINE. The ED-TECH Group is a non-profit organization that is driving a compelling CALL TO ACTION to protect the rights of dropout and adjudicated youth  by creating community-based educational programs plus career based  certifications,  job training and job placement to support career and college success!  Our educational programs provide opportunities for dropout students and adjudicated youth between the ages of 12-21 to graduate with a diploma, pass state standardized tests, complete dual enrollment college level courses, and become certified for career options that will prepare them to enter the workforce.    Our school programs decrease the dropout rate, and increase the graduation rate for schools and school districts! 


The ED-TECH Group contracted with the Indiana State Board of Education in 2015 to "serve as a technical advisor, critical thought partner, and advocate for providing vision, focus, and unified direction for the implementation of a Transformation Zone model in Indiana and within the Gary Community School Corporation (“GCSC”).  The work also led the establishment of an Innovation Network School at Theodore Roosevelt High School." (2016-17). We have provided community based, data-driven, technology based programs for school districts in over 47 states.  We lead training for the original Common Core Standards movement throughout the United States, Guam, and Bermuda.  Our approach to school reform and closing achievement gaps engages school officials in data-driven conversations within community that engages school staff and stakeholders.  We use technology and site based training for school staff and the greater community as we fully consider and analyze the  with the inequities that still plague many schools once they are under "take-over".   We help educators, parents, and stakeholders RAISE THE BAR of expectation for student success, driven by the evidence which proves that students are able to demonstrate proficiency in each subject at grade level...or above!

Top-down education reform often resembles hostile takeover for low-performing school districts throughout the nation.  Recent research suggests that students are achieving poorly and parents are disengaged in most of the achievement school districts.  Our democratic and collaborative approach helps because it focuses on :

  • The customized design of a portal for school(s) that provides measures of student performance using multiple indices of measure
  • An E-learning APP that parents and students use on cell phones or PDAs that alerts areas of commendation and concern
  • Supporting the realignment of  curricula based upon the evidence of student proficiency
  • Alternatives to harsh disciplinary action
  • High quality teaching 
  • Wrap-around supports
  • Positive discipline practices that help end the SCHOOL-TO-PRISON PIPELINE
  • Transformational parent and community engagement
  • Inclusive school leadership that engages all stakeholders

....with a critical focus on multiple indices of measure that prove to stakeholders that students are achieving, teachers are happy, and parents are informed and engaged ... as all parties visualize student performance as it moves toward meeting state standards for each grade level and each subject, K-12...long before the school year ends!

"School disciplinary and juvenile justice policies consistently have a discriminatory impact on students on the basis of race, color, and/or sex—leading to a disproportionate incidence of law enforcement contact and criminal, rather than administrative, penalties for students, especially students of color, and boys. The ED-TECH Group supports schools, and school districts in measuring the impact of disciplinary policy on student retention and success, and strengthening the school's ability to create success for troubled youth."

​Dr. L'Tanya F. Spinelli

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